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About Six Little Ducks


Six Little Ducks Childcare is a small, family oreinted childcare environment. Our strenth is our size, with only 24 spaces and 6 carers you can be confident that we will cater to your childs individual needs.

  • When co-founding Six Little Ducks Childcare we drew heavily on forest schools and the woodland movement. 
  • Creating spaces heavily based on nature we are emphasising learning through play, through adventure, and through trial and error. Transferring agency back to the children in our care.
  • Our goal is no to do it for them. It is to provide a space where they feel cofident having a go. To set their own goals and to find strategies to achieve them.  To learn throguh Play.


Through providing risk taking opportunities and gently scaffolded grades of challenge, children are able to grow into the space. To see their growth framed naturally through their achievements. Ultimately, to Play.


Many friendships are formed between children of different ages.

At Six Little Ducks we do not split children strictly into groups along age lines.

We find that many 2 year olds want to play with 4 year olds, or even siblings, and many great friendships form between kids of different ages and abilities.


Every activity is designed around inclusion. We use round tables. Circular matts. Your child will be invited to make bread everyday using measuring and kneading, mixing and pouring. and of course...eating. We sing nursery rhymes and do painting. Children do not have to participate but are always encouraged. There is a careful balance between teacher led and child led activities, with lots of time in the middle for play.


Ultimately, At Six Lttle Ducks we create friendships and a commnity by caring and including people and parents in the daily goings on, communicating by Newsletter, Story Park app, Facebook and a Website to help people feel included, and ultimately to help fulfill our role as a service for you.

 We look forward to including you.


Our Values

We are honest, trustworthy and accountable. We take responsibility for our actions. We do the right thing each time we face a difficult decision. We learn from our mistakes.


We treat each person as we expect to be treated. We value diversity. We communicate openly, uphold professional boundaries, maintain relationships and keep confidentiality. We look after our shared resources and property.


We acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our staff.


We work together on common goals and look for opportunities to work collaboratively and in partnership with others. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise.


We are determined and complete what we set out to do. We follow through on decisions and promises - we do what we say.


We look for the best solution. We think outside the box and challenge ourselves to do things differently. We take responsible risks and continuously improve our services and practices.